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Physiocure® Feedback

“I have worked with Anna and Louise for many years now and found them to be exceptional physiotherapists. They have successfully treated many of my more complex shoulder patients, as well as athletes.”

“They keep up to date on all the current advances in shoulder rehabilitation, regularly attending our training courses and conferences. They are excellent with patients and regularly keep me updated on patient progress. I recommend them highly and look forward to many more years working with this exceptional clinic”

Lennard Funk, BSc MSc FRCS(Tr&Orth) FFSEM(UK)

Shoulder Surgeon, Wrightington Hospital

Honorary Professor, Salford University

Alex Gostling - Client

alex_gostling_400 I have been a keen runner for many years and have competed at national and regional level. I first went to see Louise Grant at Physiocure in June 2016 after I was diagnosed by the surgeon Jon Conroy with labral tear, cam and pincer and impingement and cartilage delamination of my right hip.  I was initially told that the scan results indicated that the damage in my hip was such that I was unlikely to be able to run again, which was devastating for me. Louise and her team, including the strength and conditioning coach Tom Higo, started me on a 10 week block of pre-habilitation work prior to surgery in August 2016 in order to provide me with the best possible post-operative outcome. Despite the fairly gloomy outlook, Jon Conroy, Tom Higo and particularly Louise, were a constant source of positivity and support, were realistic in their advice, and patiently answered my long list of questions about the surgery, post-operative rehabilitation and likely surgical outcomes.

I am delighted to say the operation went much better than expected and I cannot thank Jon Conroy enough for this. Louise and her team then took over my post-operative rehabilitation. Louise oversaw my physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, gym rehabilitation in conjunction with Tom, and return to exercise. Having a whole team of people at Physiocure working on the different aspects of my rehabilitation, all of whom have been fantastic and enormously supporting, has provided me with a really positive surgical outcome. I am now back to exercising every day, and three of these days are run days of up to 6 miles. I never imagined in June 2016 that such a positive outcome could be possible and is testimony to the surgeon Jon Conroy and the hard work of Louise and her team. The professionalism and management approach shown by Louise and her team at Physiocure is, in my opinion, outstanding and unique. Thank You!

Camilla Black - Client

“I came to Physiocure after many failed attempts to find help with some complex musculoskeletal problems, especially chronic hip and knee pain and inflammation.

I travelled 5 hours by car from my home in Sussex for two days of intensive sessions with many different people in the Physiocure team.

I can say without any reservation that not only was it more than worth the trip, but that I would and will do it again, because the care, concern, dedication and professionalism of everyone I encountered at Physiocure was absolutely outstanding.

In my long experience of trying to find physiotherapists that would help, Physiocure is unique. I not only found enormous knowledge, experience and expertise, I also found a team of dedicated professionals coordinating their different skills to engage with *all* the different dimensions of my physical problems, and willing to take a completely holistic view of my health situation.

Their experience of hip problems, especially unusual hip morphologies, was particularly outstanding and not something I have found anywhere else. Louise's knowledge and experience is extraordinary. If you are looking for expert help with your hips, you won't find anyone better.

The physio assessment from Eliza and Louise was a more comprehensive, detailed and thorough physical screening than I have ever received, and the tissue release they did for my hip pain was absolutely brilliant. During all my sessions with Eliza in the pool, with Julie for Pilates, and with Tom in the gym, I felt cared for, listened to, and most importantly, that I was getting a totally customised programme adjusted to exactly where I am and what I can and can't do. For two I had a team of dedicated and generous people coordinating with each other to target my specific problems, providing advice and goals specifically tailored to my body and situation, and not just offering generic solutions. It really was amazing.

In conclusion I can only say that I will be recommending Physiocure without reservation to anyone who is looking for help with musculoskeletal problems, and above all those with hip pain. Even if you live far away from Leeds, it really is worth travelling to get there.”

Camilla Black, Sussex

Liam Matthews Golf Pro

“Treatment and advice from Eliza at Physiocure has resulted in me being pain free and able to train. Very Pleased”

Liam Matthews, Golf Pro

Helen Briden - Client

“Louise was recommended to me prior to my FAI and labral tear hip surgery in February 2014. Louise's knowledge and experience was apparent immediately she was extremely empathetic, professional and truthful. I commenced a thorough programme of pre and post op physio. Daunted by the thought of surgery and the lengthy period of very limited immobility thereafter; this was a very worrying and stressful time for me, especially as a very active person. Her 'Hip Arthroscopy rehabilitation guide' was absolutely invaluable to me. I committed to myself that I would adhere to her recommendations totally, working as hard as I could daily, both mentally and physically, to get myself back on track. My regular visits back to see Louise gave me reassurance and motivation to 'carry on.' At times my programme was adjusted with Louise using her incredible skill and insight. I now feel great and 'normal' again! Thanks Louise for everything. You have really helped to put me back together again!”

Helen Briden

Jodie Howard - Client

“I had my left Peri-Acetabular Osteotomy (PAO) in January and it has been 9 weeks since my operation. I was very apprehensive about my rehab and worried about being unable to do anything for a long period of time but Eliza has made everything so much easier and more positive than I could ever imagined. I have been seeing her every Monday for hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, she worked on different problem areas and given me lots of exercises to do at home and her support and care has been overwhelming. She makes me a fruit tea every week which is a lovely friendly touch and she makes me feel looked after and very comfortable. During my recovery I have looked forward to going every week as I know I will see and feel the differences from week to week. I still have a while to go until I am fully recovered but knowing I have the support of Eliza is making it feel much more achievable. I am nowhere near as apprehensive about having my other hip done next year. Thank you for all your help”

Jodie Howard - Leeds

Natasha Martin - Client

“My first appointment at Physiocure was in October 2012 after just been diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia, right CAM impingement and hyper-mobility syndrome. At this stage I was at really low ebb and ready to 'throw the towel in' after been bounced around various health professionals without any effective treatment or understanding of my health conditions.

Right from the beginning of my treatment plan commencing with Louise at Physiocure I have been treated in a holistic manner. She looks at the overall picture, not just the sight of the pain. This helps in eliminating the cause of the problem as well as helping with widespread pain. Louise has made a great difference to the quality of my life and guided me through my rehabilitation pre and post hip surgery. The road to recovery has been a rather long rocky one but with her depth of knowledge and her expertise she has enabled me to have a thorough understanding of my treatment plan and be actively involved.Louise has excellent diagnostic skills, can provide a wide range of treatment options and is interested in rehabilitation and education to help manage recurring problems whilst continually encouraging me to help myself. The quality of her specialist expertise is phenomenal and by far the best for effective treatment that I have ever experienced. Louise always goes above and beyond and I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.”

Natasha Martin - Huddersfield

Louise Thompson - Client

“I've been seeing Eliza for rehabilitation from a hip arthroscopy for several months. I immediately felt comfortable with Eliza; she is friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable. Despite a couple of setbacks in my recovery, she has remained positive and this has really helped me as it has been a frustrating and lengthy process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eliza as I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eliza as I wouldn't have been so far down the road to recovery without her.”

Louise Thompson - Wakefield

Victoria Winn - Client

“ I started to get pain in my right hip when I was playing tennis, walking long distances or after a run, when I stopped running and started walking again. I went to my GP who sent me for an xray. The xray report said I had hip dyplasia. The GP then sent me to see Louise at Physiocure as he knew she dealt with this type of problem. After an assessment with Louise, she recommended I see Mr Witt in London who specialises in hip dysplasia. I got referred to Mr Witt who thought I was suitable for a periacetabular osteotomy operation (PAO). He booked me in for surgery for 2 months time.

I was pretty scared about it all as I really dislike hospitals so I kept myself really busy before, didn't read much about it and had a new kitchen fitted the month of my operation, which was completed 4 days before I went into hospital . I also have a really busy job so luckily it was Summer, when we are quieter but I had to hand everything over to my assistant - much to his horr or/delight! I also continued going to the gym, swimming right up until the week of my operation as I did not have much pain here - I was just not allowed to run. The operation went fine and I was more terrified about being put to sleep, waking up and hitting someone, as one of my colleagues told me they had done this , rather than the actual operation. The worst bit after was on Day 2 when the physio made me get out of bed and try walking on crutches, where I nearly fainted and felt really sick! But I perse vered, and by the weekend I was walking the length of the floor, up stairs, back across the floor and back down the stairs. I also had Hydro which was brilliant as I was able to do so much in the water without worrying about injuring myself. I was quite lucky in that I did not have much pain at all - I either have a high pain threshold or I did in fact not have much pain, as once I returned home, after 6 days in hospital; I started to come off the pills I was on bit by bit. On my return home I started phys io with Louise which involved hydrotherapy, various exercises and 'hands on' treatment. It was reassuring to know she had rehabilitated people from this surgery before and was in contact with Mr Witt. Being such a busy person, being stuck at home did drive me mad and also living on my own, my Mum had to move in for 3 weeks - so that was probably one of the most difficult things. But as my confidence grew, I would get the bus into town to meet friends for dinner or go to the cinema and then come back on the bus - crutches are useful as the bus waits for you and people give up their seats. I have now forgotten how long it has been since my operation (6 months - I had to check) and I pretty much back to normal. I haven't really had any hip pain, just more with the muscles and getting them to wake back up but I have taken it steady. I am now cycling 10k at the gym on the stationary bike, and I am working myself up to a mile swim - but seem to have been able to keep the speed so far, so I am just as quick as I always was. I will try running again in a month or so, but once all my muscles are OK.The most important thing is to listen to the surgeon and the physio and actually do the exercises they tell you to do. I made sure I did these everyday which I think has helped me to get better quicker. You also shouldn't try to rush - so if you are told to be off work for 10 weeks, take the time as work really does survive without you - the company I work for has survived with me being away, and face it, when will you get such an opportunity again.”

Victoria Winn Testimonial for Hip-Physiocure

CD - Client

“I first attended Physiocure in February 2011 and saw Louise. Meeting Louise changed my life. I had previously had hip surgery and unfortunately developed adhesions, which meant another operation. Both before and after surgery care was second to none from Louise. I felt cared for by somebody who had such expertise in hip rehabilitation.

Her knowledge is vast and she endeavours to continually encourage myself. My recovery has been a long and slow process due to my condition, however Louise has gone above and beyond her duty to ensure I am rehabilitating correctly. Not only have I had support during physio sessions/hydrotherapy, she has also been on the end of the phone line during my dark difficult recovery days. She really is a special person and deserves a lot of recognition for her commitment to hip rehabilitation and for always keeping up to date with the latest techniques. Thank you again Louise.”

CD, Halifax - July 2011

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Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of problems and injuries that affect muscles, joints, nerves and soft tissues.

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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Treatment may involve exercise prescription, advice, hands-on therapy, electrotherapy and taping.

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Graded manipulations of the spine or other joints to restore movement, relieve pain and aid postural correction.

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Soft Tissue Mobilisations

Myofascial release, trigger point massage, deep transverse frictions, muscle energy techniques, positional release, cupping and massage.

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Sports Massage

Deep massage tailored to your needs for injury prevention, therapeutic benefits and pre and post events.

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Dry needling and electroacupuncture for relief of pain and muscle spasm. Sterile disposable needles are used.

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One to one sessions available with a Chartered Physiotherapist or Pilates instructor in our private studio.

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One to one personal training tailored to your individual requirements for pre/post op and injury rehabilitation

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Biomechanical assessment of the foot and lower limb. Treatment may include exercises, strapping, manipulation and insoles.

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The use of both Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues.

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What our clients say about us

  • Over the last 10 years I have consistently referred patients to the team at Physiocure. The bespoke treatment Anna and Louise offer patients is ideal for the complex hip patients we have in the practice.

    Jon Conroy BSc.MSc.MB.ChB. FRCS (Tr & Orth) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • Anna and Louise at Physiocure have been treating patients from the Yorkshire Knee Clinic for over 15 years with excellent results. Together with their team of highly professional colleagues, they are able to provide comprehensive assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for our patients.

    Nick London, MA MD (Cantab) FRCS (Tr & Orth) Specialist Knee Surgeon The Yorkshire Knee Clinic, Harrogate, Leeds

  • I have worked with Louise and all the team at Physiocure for a number of years. Both herself and Anna run an excellent practice combining up-to-date knowledge, a wealth of experience and a highly motivated team.

    Professor Max Fehily, Consultant Hip Surgeon, Manchester Hip Clinic

  • I have worked with Anna and Louise for many years now and found them to be exceptional physiotherapists. They have successfully treated many of my more complex shoulder patients, as well as athletes.

    Lennard Funk, BSc MSc FRCS(Tr&Orth) FFSEM(UK), Shoulder Surgeon, Wrightington Hospital

  • I travelled 5 hours by car from my home in Sussex for two days of intensive sessions with many different people in the Physiocure team. I can say without any reservation that not only was it more than worth the trip, but that I would and will do it again, because the care, concern, dedication and professionalism of everyone I encountered at Physiocure was absolutely outstanding.

    Camilla Black, Sussex

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